About Us

We help our customers to live happy, fulfilled lives, as independently as possible

We really do care about you

Caremark is a prestigious, well-established organization in the field of Home Care. Caremark helps you with domiciliary care, palliative care and personal support - to help you carry out your daily activities and provide companionship in your own home.

We provide personalized services in a friendly way, exactly the way you would want to take care of your loved ones.

We want to make life better for you

We respect the fact that every individual is different and unique in terms of their likes, dislikes, interests and habits. Hence, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of your needs and then make significant efforts to match our care assistants to completely suit your needs to ensure compatibility, empathy and mutual respect.

We will periodically visit you for your feedback in order to continue giving excellent service to you. We believe in monitoring our services regularly as this helps us to improve. We want to make a remarkable difference to your life with excellent care in your own home.

Guaranteed Comfort

We serve our customers with utmost dignity and try our best to make them feel comfortable and reduce their anxiety. We aim to fully understand your precise needs and preferences before our service begins. Only when you are happy with the support plan we have agreed together, will we select a care worker to meet you. It will be someone with appropriate experience, qualifications and skills, and you will always be able to change your care worker if you wish.

You'll find that you will soon get to know your carer, and feel comfortable with them. You'll also get to know your local Caremark Field Care Supervisor, who will make regular visits to your home to check that you are entirely happy with the support you are receiving. And you are encouraged to speak to us at any time if you have any concerns about your safety or wellbeing, or wish to change the way your support is arranged.