End of Life Care

Compassionate end of life care

Sensitive end-of-life care
in your or your loved one’s own home

We provide sensitive, supportive and tailored end-of-life care, making it possible to pass away peacefully at home, rather than in a hospice or residential care home.

If the option is available, most of us would choose to pass away peacefully in the familiar surroundings of our own home. It’s also important to us to be around those we love. Caremark's end-of-life care makes it possible to spend your precious last days or weeks at home.

For someone with a terminal condition (and for family and friends) sensitive, personalised end-of-life care at home turns what can be a very distressing process into one that is comforting and dignified. And with Caremark carers looking after you or your loved one you can be assured that medication and other needs will be attended to as part of a pre-arranged care plan.

Our carers focus on respecting dignity and privacy and will work with you and your family to understand specific needs and wishes.

What is end-of-life care?

Our uniquely personalised end-of-life care provides the support that is needed towards the end of someone’s life. It allows you or your loved one to pass away in a peaceful way in familiar surroundings. It means you or your relative or friend can spend precious time at home, with special comforts and loved ones close by.

Our carers can be as flexible as you or your loved one needs us to be. Our aim is to help with as few or as many tasks as required to make you or your family member feel as comfortable as possible.

When does end-of-life care start?

End-of-life care starts whenever you or your friend or relative needs it to and might last anything from a few days to months or years. People are usually considered to be at the end of their life when they are expected to die within 12 months, but this can be difficult to predict. People at the end of their life have a range of conditions as you might imagine, from advanced incurable illnesses, such as cancer and dementia, to life threatening conditions caused by an event like an accident or stroke.

Personalised end-of-life care

Our carers are trained to manage everything according to your or your loved one’s circumstances, priorities and wishes. We take into account medical requirements and communicate fully with relatives and friends. We strive to ensure that you or your loved one feels dignified at all times, and we always provide the very best care we can.

We help our customersto live happy, fulfilled lives,
as independently as possible